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Our Employment Placement Services - Success Stories 

Our service allows businesses to remain productive while we focus on recruiting qualified applicants for job openings. We work hard to connect businesses and applicants that are a good fit!


Rave Reviews and Success Stories

Personal attention and a high-level of service is important for Employers and Job Seekers. Our goal is to connect businesses and applicants that share the same vision. Our greatest success is when employers and applicants find a relationship that truly fits.

Here are just a few success stories and reviews of people Vest Professional Placement has helped.

" I have to say, it's been a pleasant experience working with this company. Very professional, courteous, and prompt. Was able to find consistent work, both short- and long-term with ease. Company policies are very fair, as they reward employees for consistent attendance, hard work, and reliability...

For those of you looking for work, unlike a lot of their competitors in the area, they really do hold us applicants to a high standard. The background checks are thorough (I was given the chance to see the results of mine, and the Recruiter explained what everything meant), the drug tests are quick and results are near instantaneous. They pay on-time, consistently, without any hassle, and are there if I had any questions.

Great experience overall, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to actually work and work on a career."
 - Justin B.
"Good People Great Experience! I would recommend this company to everyone!" - Liz P.
"These people are just Awesome! They've helped me out a couple times" - Benny S.
"Would definitely recommend to someone that need some work." - Jess T.

Our Mission - Connecting People
By focusing on the quality, strengths, and goals of our applicants, we provide candidates that are a good fit for the unique dynamics and company culture of each business.

Our Success - Relationships that Fit
Our staff feels proud when an employee calls to say, "Thank you for the opportunity."

Our greatest success is when employers and employees find a relationship that truly fits!

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